Alice Passey – Owner, Servant Jazz Quarters, London


I think it’s incredibly important to have small, independent venues. It’s a point of access for up and coming artists who we’ll often work directly with as they’ve never met a promoter or a booking agent. It’s good for people to get exposure and experience in a friendly environment. It doesn’t matter if you mess up here – we like to keep things very informal. When it’s your first show, you don’t want to be playing to a massive room so it’s nice to be able to feel that you can fill the space.

The most rewarding thing of running the SJQ is being able to host local artists in the area and to be part of their first steps. Because of the size of the venue we often get a lot of showcases with industry people and talent spotters. It’s nice when you see someone that you recognise with talent, think they’re going to do well and then see the whole thing explode a year later. Lianne La Havas, Courtney Barnett and Laura Mvula have all played here early in their career.


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