Amanda Stanley & Stacey Walton – Co-Founders, TYCI, Glasgow


Stacey – Being able to connect with the artist you are hearing and watching can be a formidable experience. You may have spent a lot of time with their music and to see them in their element, in a live setting is so special. A good show can have a huge impact on the way you go on to approach things, and can be so inspiring. I am sure we all have those shows that, even though they took place years ago, have stayed with you and helped to form where you’re at now.

Amanda – I second what Stacey says. For me it is the unspoken, communicative exchange between artist and audience at shows that I enjoy so much. Certain shows, with the right audience and atmosphere, it’s like you can feel that a sense of trust has been created, like a secret agreement for a period of time, and it can be communicated in the silence of the audience to someone playing quietly, or it can be in the exchange of killer dance moves to heavy electro. Everyone is there in that moment for the same reason and I think only live music can create that.

Stacey – We want all the artists who play for us to have a great time. We want everyone who attends our events to feel valued, feel safe to be themselves and to have fun, and that is why it is so important that some, if not all of us, are running the shows.

Amanda – We have all been to shows where we have felt uncomfortable, be it a direct violation or passing micro aggression. I think it really comes down to ensuring that, from planning to settling up at the end of the night, there is always an awareness of responsibility, accessibility, and inclusivity to all of our events – that mindset is really important for us as music and events promoters.


Amanda Stanely & Stacey Walton