Big Jeff – Ultimate gig-goer, Bristol

The best thing about live music is the feeling of watching live art isn’t it? It’s like going to a theatre; especially if you’re down the front and you can get the whole interaction and spirit of it.


There are record labels being set up every other week in Bristol, there are festivals every other weekend. It can get a bit too much.

I’ve got my certain spots to stand at different venues. At The Fleece I’ll be right in front of the pole at the front because people’s view is already a bit blocked but also it gives me a bit of a break from the mosh pit. At the Louisiana I tend to go into the left hand corner, tuck myself between the PA stack and the stage. Sometimes when I get a bit too into it I find myself flying through my full on disco moves. The other night my friend had to calm me down because I was throwing my elbows too much – I almost took her head off!