Caroline Simionescu-Marin – Editor, GRM Daily / A&R Manager, XL Recordings, London

I believe that everyone needs to build up their value independently. Unless you think you can really develop someone properly – which I don’t think that most major labels can do – then don’t touch these artists. Let them learn and grow and put their own shit on iTunes for a bit. When you know what you can sell then your leverage is higher.


Independent to me is Skepta, JME, Stormzy, Giggs – that’s what I see as independent… I don’t even imagine white dudes with guitars. Independent for me is seeing Skepta sell out Brixton Academy and that being so sick that you can do that by yourself. That is amazing. Or seeing Stormzy’s record go gold and him get in the charts for Christmas. What? You’re 23, last year we were chilling and now look where he is. That is being independent to me.