Chris Tipton – Promoter, Upset the Rhythm, London


When you’re independent you can take risks and explore things as they happen, rather than waiting for an album to come out. We can turn around a record from it being recorded to it being in shops in about two months. I like things when they’re a bit snappier – I think that’s the ideal.

I like working for myself and my own tastes and passions drive what I actually do. Also, I primarily work with bands before they have records or have gone on tour. I’m the person who’s asking the band if they’re interested in doing a record when they haven’t even had a proper rehearsal. There are a lot of stereotypes about labels and promoters that are quite negative so I’m always trying circumnavigate all of the bullshit and do it right. You don’t have to do it badly but a lot of people just don’t make the effort to do it correctly. I’m a wilful amateur but without any of the baggage that comes with doing things badly. I’m a perfectionist amateur.

We’ve got a band called Terry coming over from Melbourne and the whole thing is DIY. We’ve put the album out, we’ve booked the entire tour around Europe and we’re probably going to drive them and sell merchandise. I guess it doesn’t get more independent than that.