Craig Johnston – Booker, King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow

I got my love for music by going to T In The Park. I couldn’t understand how all my friends were drunk, queuing for bars and getting tokens whereas I had to get to different stages to make sure I saw the bands I wanted to see. I started flyering for King Tut’s, then became the tea boy in the office and doing the filing, and then got a job booking local bands in King Tut’s. Then I started building my roster as an actual promoter. We’re definitely a foundation venue. You can really start building your career after playing here, although some people are quite happy just to play King Tut’s.


We have complete control over who appears there and we don’t just have touring acts appearing every night. We have a festival called King Tut’s Summer nights, which is 15 nights of the best new Scottish music and I think that’s what King Tut’s does best – showcasing new talent. As much as it’s great to have big bands coming back, we are best at showcasing new talent. Not just in Scotland but for the whole of the UK.