Dan Monsell – Promoter, Rockfeedback, London


I’ve done this since I left university 10 years ago and I don’t really know what a real job is other than working in a supermarket when I was a kid.

Every day is a different challenge, nothing’s ever the same. You’re always working with a different act and their creativity, and working out what you’re going to try and do with that. I feel like we’re in a luxurious position because the type of music I work with is the type of music I really like. If I don’t like it, I don’t work with it. That’s not always the best decision financially but in terms of lifestyle and watching music that you like it is. That, as well as working really hard to make it work, is a really rewarding and fun thing to do.

From the live side of things, the independent scene is crucial as it forms a really big part of people’s discovery of new music, building careers and breaking artists here. Independent agents are more likely to take a chance on things that other people might not want to go out on a limb for. That needs to keep happening otherwise it will be a safe and sanitised place to be and that’s not what makes our UK live music scene.


Daniel Monsell