Dominique Frazer – Founder and Director, The Boileroom, Guildford

We’ve created a community here and I think in regional towns like Guildford sometimes people tend to focus on cities as being the places to aspire to go to. There’s something about growing up in a place that’s really bland and doesn’t have that much going on that can push you that little bit more to want to create and sustain something. I think the great thing is if you can make that scene in your area and it can continue to thrive and survive.


If you can keep your scene going then you’re on to a winner – I’ve seen some amazing people come through Boileroom that have gone to be Adele’s backing singer, the drummer in The Noisettes, and the keyboard player in Ellie Goulding’s band. Those guys and girls came through here when they were at an age when they were just finding out who they are, and we got to be that person that could tell them to go do what they wanted to do. One of the things that I’m really passionate about here is showing young people that it doesn’t matter if you’re not sure who you are.


Dominique Frazer