Dylan Clarke – Booker, The Brook, Southampton

I’ve been into music since I was young, lying under my duvet listening to John Peel play Buzzcocks and stuff like that. I’ve played in bands and got involved with The Brook as I’d work behind the bar when I wasn’t on tour – I’ve now been here for about 21 years. It’s nice when the Buzzcocks and The Damned and bands I love are on tour play here and say hi to me. That’s a pretty cool feeling.


I love music. I love playing it, I did a lot of gigs when I was touring –190 shows a year. Even if I don’t like the music that’s being played at The Brook, I love what it does to the crowd. It’s rewarding to watch people coming in and having a great night. We get really complemented on our staff. The touring bands often comment on how much our staff love music.