Ed Lilo – Head of Venues London, DHP, London

Doing a punk show at your venue is way more satisfying than doing something for a big brand. There are a lot of good things about bands that don’t want to be in the charts or even want to get signed properly and just enjoy making music for the sake of enjoying music. Playing smaller venues doesn’t make them less good musicians.


I think if you run a business well then it will do well, but generally the venues that are closing aren’t being run all that well. You have to compromise; you can’t just have concerts. If you have a bar, do club nights and sell food then music’s what will make people talk about your venue but not necessarily what makes you your money. It’s a shame but that’s how business works and you are running a business at the end of the day. I think London’s got loads of venues – it could maybe do with a few more but it’s not a disaster. New Cross, Peckham and Tottenham have loads of things going on. Sure there’s less stuff going on in Shoreditch than there was five years ago, but five years ago there was hardly anything in Dalston and now there’s like 20 venues. It’s just always moving.