Femi Adeyemi – Founder, NTS Radio, London

Convincing people the legitimacy of setting up an online radio station is a big challenge – that it’s not necessarily the future but that it’s an alternative. Also, that you don’t need to go to radio college to learn to be a host or a DJ. I think people respond well to people being themselves and playing the stuff they’d genuinely listen to rather than a prescribed playlist.

The core of what we do is giving a platform for people whether it’s kids, musicians or artists who wouldn’t necessarily be given that platform or have that opportunity to put their stuff out there. I was speaking to some guys at the Museum of Contemporary Art in LA and they were speaking about Charlie Bones and his NTS breakfast show and how they’re massive fans of him.


Hackney’s got one of the worst connections in the UK because they still use copper wires. I remember when we first started I thought we could run fine on a BT internet connection. It turns out you can’t. There was a point where we were daisy chaining ethernet cables from the Vortex Jazz Bar all across Gillett Square into the studio. It was crazy.