Immy Doman & Risa Tabatznik – Founders and Owners, The Green Note, London


We jumped into this with a kind of youthful naivety, and it was through making mistakes and learning from them that we slowly but surely found our way. Now, almost 12 years on, we feel very comfortable and confident in our roles and know that we are good at what we do… but it was a bumpy road and definitely took a while to get there.

In this day and age, where corporations with their corporate interests (most of which go against the interests of humanity) seem to be taking over the world, being independent is even more important than ever.

We both absolutely live music and have been to so many great gigs over the last couple of decades. And we’re not just saying this, but we both agree that the gigs we have most enjoyed have been ones at Green Note! There is nothing like seeing music in such a cosy, intimate environment. It really feels like being in someone’s living room and sharing something very special.

Camden Town has a well established music scene. It’s great to be in an area with such a rich musical history, but also to be filling a gap in the market and carving out our own musical niche, by offering something a little different to what everyone else in the area is doing.


Immy Doman & Risa Tabatznik