Jamal Edwards – Founder, SB.TV, London


When I was 15 the main outlet I had for Grime was pirate radio and DVDs – it wasn’t online. YouTube was only about a year old when I started – I got in early. Now it’s overpopulated, which is good but also is bad because you really need to search to find what’s quality and what isn’t. People say that I got in there early, which I did but I was consistent with what I did. I was always filming, filming, filming and trying to find new artists and put them on my channel.

I recently did a show at Studio 338 and it was a full house, we had Grime, Rap, Hip-hop, acoustic, RnB and it was good to see a lot of the viewers of the online channel there and actually getting to experience the music in a real place. All the artists I announced were up and coming – all the big names were just billed as special guests so the tickets sold off the format of the event. I think it’s really important to be able to go and see the music live.

If I’m out and an artist sees me then I’ll probably get given a CD but I get a lot of links, every day. I get thousands, thousands. It’s daunting but I know there’s gems in there so I’ll just get through them. I play a lot of music.