Jeff Horton – Owner, The 100 Club, London

I’ve never heard one person ever state “I don’t like music”. Music, Punk in particular, forged me as a person; it’s made me who I am. I just think that you can’t put enough importance on that.


It’s a pretty unique industry at this level. I don’t think I’d really want to be involved at any of the bigger venues, it just wouldn’t suit me, I’d get too impatient with people, the luvvies and all that stuff, then you’ve got to deal with the hangers on and the agents and the managers that I just can’t be doing with. At this level I don’t have to do that and that suits me fine.

Apparently David Bowie played here – after he died we found out he did three consecutive Saturdays in 1965 as Davie Jones and the Lower Third. I get caught out all the time, this Scandinavian girl knocked on the door about two years ago, she goes “can I come in, I’ve always wanted to come here, because my favourite band ever played here”, I went “who’s that?” and she went “U2”, I went “no you’re wrong, U2 haven’t played here”, and she goes “they have”, and pulled out this book and bugger me, there’s a photograph of them on the stage, I had absolutely no idea.