Joe Caithness – Co-founder, JT Soar, Subsequent Mastering and Second Stage Audio, Nottingham


I do a lot of Grime mastering – I did all of the Glacial Sound stuff and all of Murlo’s stuff up until he got to the level where they had a much bigger budget! I do pretty much everything in that genre that’s below that level. I used to be quite heavily involved in grime as I was a club DJ for a long time. I retired from that but my name in that end of the world enabled me to get work from it.

I’ve dipped my toes in either end of the music industry and both have positives and negatives, but I feel way more comfortable in the independent scene. You also meet much more interesting people. I’ve been asked to do the remasters of bands I liked as a teenager too and it’s always cool to do things that are connected to my actual life. Funnily enough, you’ll find that it’s the bigger labels and the major end of subsidiary stuff that it’s harder to get money out of. As far as working with a budget, being honest about it and being able to speak candidly, I feel less like I’m doing a sales job in the independent world.