Joe Grant – Founder, Be Nothing Concerts, Brighton

You get adrenaline each time you put on a show, and the novelty of booking people whose music you really love never wears off. Each time you do that you get a little pang about how cool it is and the fact you created something. It’s quite addictive, once you’ve done one show you want to put on more.


A lot goes into independent venues like Green Door Store and the people that work there and book there like to hang out anyway as they’re friends. It’s a very tight knit culture and there are always people that you can learn from. You really do get out what you put into it. Brighton does have an incredible music scene and it punches above its weight, it’s hard to scratch money out of shows – which isn’t a bad thing because you know that those people really are doing it for the love of it. I do a lot of other things on the side to subsidise this. People definitely have the right mindset for it in Brighton.