Jon Hillcock – Presenter, BBC 6 Music / Podcaster, London

I started out in radio as work experience on John Kennedy’s Xfm show when I was straight out of university. I remember him playing LCD Soundsystem for the first time and not liking it. They’re now one of my all time favourite bands.


Nowadays most people can’t be bothered to trawl through websites to find new music. When David Bowie performed Starman on Top Of The Pops, it was beamed into everyone’s living room at the same time. Parents, children and teenagers were shocked, outraged and inspired all at the same time by this new and incredible thing. They all got it at once and that doesn’t happen any more so, therefore, we won’t get musical movements in the same way. I think we’ll be left with a permanent underground totally separate to Spotify playlists. I wish that Spotify had a randomiser thing, which you could turn up or down depending on how weird you want everything to be, because all anyone wants is to not know what’s coming next. I think there are huge amounts of people who can’t be bothered with the search but do want to hear new music.


Jon Hillcock