Jon Wickstead & Wesley Jones – Founders, Now Wave, Manchester

Jon – When we first started we had a policy that we wouldn’t play anything older than two years.


Wes – There’s obviously nothing wrong with The Smiths, they’re one of the greatest bands ever, but you don’t need to hear them every time you go out.

Wes – Almost all the bands we’ve put on; we’ve put on their first ever Manchester show. We don’t really pick bands off other promoters; we tend to grow them from the ground up ourselves.

Jon – It’s much more rewarding, working with a band from the very first show, see them do well and hopefully stick with us as they grow.

Wes – I don’t think some agents realise how important bigger shows are to us. If we do a 1500 capacity show, which sells out and we make £2000, that means we can put on another 10 shows at 60-cap that don’t make money. Nobody makes money putting on 100 capacity shows – you do it for the love and you hope that it’ll grow into something that will make money. If you’re forever doing smaller shows that grow into something bigger but they get taken away from you, how are we supposed to keep going?


Jon Wickstead & Wesley Jones