Liam Jolly – Promoter, SW1 Productions, Redruth

Liam Jolly


I came back to Cornwall from university in 2001 and there was nothing going on. I started putting on gigs with mates at private parties and DJing and just having a bit of a laugh, then my mum opened a pub in Truro, which had a room that I was able to put some gigs on in. It got quite exciting to try and bring touring bands to Cornwall and that went on for three or four years. It was a bit of a blank canvas but I learnt very quickly that the audience was different to the London ones I’d experienced at university. I had to engage them differently and work out how to get the local bands on board. In Cornwall it was trying to stabilise things to build a scene around. Things have to grow organically.

Before I Went full time at SW1 it was always about having fun and having a good time. I’ve been at SW1 for eight years and that’s become more and more serious as we programme Boardmasters and also NASS festival and continue to bring shows to the South West, including Devon as well as Cornwall. We put on anything from 50 capacity shows to 4000.

It’s real life gambling, being a promoter. You can’t look at it as a show by show thing – you have to have a year long vision and hope you’ve made more than you’ve lost.