Loretta DeFéo – Booker, The Sebright Arms, London


I love seeing a band play here and then go on to play bigger venues. I wish that we owned bigger venues as well so we could go with them. Bands like Swim Deep who were great, even though they trashed our venue. Wolf Alice were supporting them who are another band it’s been great to see do well too. Swim Deep had a piñata and when they were doing it they also smashed our lights. That was the first time we realised that maybe we should keep an eye on the bands a little bit more. Don’t arm the bands. Or give them a piñata.

I’m not good working for a big corporation. I like to do things my own way. I like the control and how, if things aren’t working, I can change them immediately. We don’t have to wait for sign off by anyone else in a meeting about a meeting about a meeting. I ask promoters and bands for feedback when they’re here – I want to know if there’s anything that they want or need that we’re not doing. The moment they tell me something and I think it’s a good idea then it’s done. It’s in. Putting on free shows was one of those things – we work with promoters to help them put on a show and, as long as people are drinking, then no one’s losing any money! It helps them and it makes sure we’re nice and busy.


Loretta DeFeo