Nathan Clark – Owner, The Brudenell Social Club, Leeds


A lot of people that work at venues see it as a job – they’ll move up the ladder and move onto something else. Here, there’s me and my mum, and we’ve been here as long as bands have been put on. This is my home. It means more than just putting on a gig for the bands that come here. It’s like the Leeds music community is based around here. We do a lot of album and EP launches here, we support the bands and we’ve had a practice room here before.

We see it as a partnership and a community when other venues look at shows and wonder how much money they can make off it. At the end of the day most venues are somebody’s business, whereas we’re not in it for the same reasons and I think a lot of people respect and like that and have an affinity with it. A lot of the time it’s not the excitement of a show, it’s the fact you want shows to go well because you’ve put in a lot of effort.

We work with people and we don’t intrude. We respect ourselves as a venue; we’ve reinvested in PA and lights to make us a lot higher spec than a standard venue of this size. When a bigger band comes in they’re comfortable with the production side of things. They know things are going to work, they won’t have to compromise or worry about it.