Rachel Aggs – Band Leader / Independent Promoter, London

I would never have started a band if the only thing I saw on my horizon was the mainstream music business. As a queer woman of colour, I don’t feel represented in that world. I make weird music that would probably have not seen the light of day were it not for people going on MySpace, contacting us directly and offering us shows in tiny venues and people’s houses. I also think it’s so important for there to be independent venues and labels that champion music that’s challenging, uncommercial and weird, and support artists who are not interested in or confident with branding or packaging themselves. Particularly for marginalised people, I feel like the independent/DIY scene is a politically charged and always empowering space.


The more that social media life bleeds into our everyday relationships, the more I feel like connecting with people at shows feels powerful and political. I want people to feel included, I wanna make people dance, wake up. When people dance it’s so cool, so rewarding.