Ronan Munro – Founder and Editor, Nightshift, Oxford


I used to work at Our Price in the early 80s with Steve Queralt, who went on to be bassist in Ride. I went on tour with them selling T-shirts and when we got back I thought I’d do a magazine as something to do before getting a proper job. 25 years later I’m still doing it. When I left Our Price, Colin Greenwood took my position so I got to know his band through that and I went to go and see their first few gigs. We did the first ever review and interview with Radiohead when they were still called On A Friday and then did their first interview when they became Radiohead. We also did Foals when they were still called Elizabeth.

I think having something like Nightshift gives Oxford a community. I always say that I want bands to be proud that they’re from Oxford and I want Oxford to be proud that they produced those bands. If you don’t love music and going see a band on a Tuesday night who you’ve never heard of and might be absolute shit, then there’s no point in doing it. You have to keep it going – in 25 years I’ve never missed a print deadline.

I’ll always be honest. If it’s shit I will say it’s shit. After 25 years if you send your demo into Nightshift expecting a fair hearing then good luck to you. I will say what I think. One guy has threatened to kill me! This isn’t a community run thing where I’m funded to give nice reviews to encourage everyone.


Ronan Munro