Rupert Morrison – Owner, The Drift, Totnes

Rupert Morrison

I think that people are aware that what we sell annually is less than what Amazon will sell on one title. People might not necessarily buy from us because we can’t compete with the price but they certainly listen to what we’re saying about artists. We’ve been banging on about Carseat Headrest for four years. It almost becomes part of the ether that we talk about artists – we’re known for championing stuff that we’re into. It doesn’t hurt to stick links to Soundcloud on our blog. 10 years ago you certainly wouldn’t have used your mailing list to highlight something that you couldn’t monetise. Things have changed so much.


I think it’s quite disarming having my mum in the shop – she’s a Grandma and you wouldn’t think you’d be able to talk to her about music but, in fact, Grandma really fucking digs Oneohtrix Point Never and Skepta. Grandma and Grandpa are in the shop and they have been listening to people who’ve changed music all their lives – that’s a pretty cool thing.

Although we think of ourselves as curators and artisans, we’re in a very monetised, ever decreasing amount of money industry. Everybody’s trying to get by and the last thing that’s helpful is when someone starts being a dick about stuff. Try and be kind, be understanding and try and have fun.