Simon Baker – Promoter, Green Mind, Cambridge

I named my company Green Mind after a Dinosaur Jr album and when I put them on in 2009, that was one of those ‘made it’ moments. It was very satisfying – I think the band quite liked the fact that the promoter was named after one of their albums. I got married about three weeks before so it was a really good month.

Without independent promoters in the chain, you wouldn’t have an awful lot of shows – certainly not in the small towns. You wouldn’t see as many bands playing in small venues if you lost that network. It would be a weird scenario if every venue in the country was an Academy – I don’t think any homogeneous venue brand would be good as everything, they’re fine in their place but it’s nice to know there’s a Bullingdon Arms in Oxford or The Portland Arms in Cambridge. That individuality of venues is what makes things a bit more interesting. I can’t imagine it’s the most enlivening thing for bands to go and see the same layout in every single venue.


Every now and then I find myself thinking, “What would 12-year- old me make of this?” I think every promoter should ask themselves that and, if they look at themselves and think that 12-year-old me wouldn’t be very impressed, then I think you’ve kind of failed somehow.