Tallah Brash – Operations Director, Electric Circus, Edinburgh


We usually have four or five gigs a week and we really try to champion local bands. We’re one of those mid- sized venues and it’s important to have somewhere for bands to start and also step up from the pub room venues. We need the smaller, local independent bands because they could be the next Frightened Rabbit or even Taylor Swift. We send listings and press releases out, no matter who the band are, to all the local listings and publications and shout about it. I can’t imagine not working with local, independent bands. It wouldn’t feel right; it would feel a bit odd.

I like overseeing stuff and being the person that people come to when they’ve got a problem. I really enjoy problem solving and trying to figure out issues. We’re quite a close family at Electric Circus so it’s nice to be more involved – I get to do operational shifts where I work with the staff and don’t have to sit at a desk the whole time. No two days are the same, but I guess that’s the music industry for you. Some people ask me why I don’t go home when I get the opportunity but I don’t think they understand that I actually enjoy being at work even when it is a bit stressful or it’s been a really long week.