Thristian Richards – Co-Founder, Boiler Room, London


Maybe the whole point of independent music is that it spawns from a passion – in a very rare instance do you find someone approaching their debut EP or project with a sense of wanting to get a financial gain. It’s essentially an output of their emotion or talent and mindset. A lot of these guys aren’t by nature, businessmen or economists. I’m exactly the same – our passion eventually manifests, through working, into being a career or an avenue to make money.

If you’re doing nothing and still being able to produce great art, then you’re probably from a privileged background. You’ve got pay your bills and the chances of success in music are more remote than being a lawyer or doctor.

I remember with the first Boiler Room thinking it was cool that my friend was watching and she was in Hoxton. I used to do podcasts and Radio 1, which you’d expect to have a bit of global appeal, but we were doing something with a pirate aesthetic. We only thought it was going to go to our mates. By the fifth or sixth show we started getting numbers in the tens of thousands and were getting comments in the chatrooms from people saying they were locked in from places I’d never heard of. Cats from different places were having conversations back at each other and shit – I was like, “What is going on here?”


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