Tom Baker – Founder, Eat Your Own Ears and Field Day, London


You’re always thinking about stuff. Even at a show you can be thinking about another gig or how an act can be bigger or should they play Field Day or other things that need to be announced. It just becomes part of your life and I’m never really one to ever want a job or be employable so it’s about carving your own job out. You do have to deal with finances and people and management and all of that but it’s on your own terms to some degree and it’s about music, which is the exciting thing. I guess you just get absorbed with things and it almost becomes an obsession. I think that’s the best way to approach it and it is your life.

When you see a great band, that’s what drives you and reminds you why you do it. Sometimes you can forget that there is an enjoyable part to the job and that is the gigs. So much time is spent organising and the actual show can last an hour and that’s that. It’s like Christmas dinner, you cook it all day and then you have it and it’s done. You’re like, “that was Christmas dinner. Now what?”


Tom Baker

Tom Baker 2